Geocoding using Google Sheets

This map shows the UFO Sightings in the 21st Century according to Wikipedia. There are multiple layers in order to compare the number of sightings in the US alone and in the entire world. Each point contains the name of the specific sighting as defined using Google Sheets.

Digitizing Data

This map is a digitization of houses on a street. This was done utilizing ArcGIS Pro.
This map shows the creation of a point and polygon using Open Street Maps in order to mark the location of a new monument. This specific monument is the BAPS Akshardham temple being built in Robbinsville, NJ.

Joining Attribute Tables

Alzheimer’s Disease is a pathology that is not very understood by the scientific community. This lack of knowledge can leads to deaths among the population that suffer from the disease. This map shows deaths from the disease between 2007 and 2011. It can be seen that there are varying numbers based on the respective counties. In southern New Jersey, there are more deaths than in Northern New Jersey. However, there are parts of Northern New Jersey and the Eastern Coast that have high amounts of deaths.

Mapping Data to Cartographic Guidelines

This map was created to see the comparison between the Vegetation Index in India and the Country Population. The Vegetation Index used is from the NASA Earth Observation Spatial data and the Country Population Data is from a subset of the same data.

Finding and Displaying Spatial Data

This map was created using the Vegetation Index Spatial Data obtained from the NASA Earth Observations website and the Natural Earth Cultural Vector Country Data. This data was combined and formatted using ArcGIS Pro. The map shows the Vegetation levels of different countries for the month of November of 2018.