Spatial Analyst-ArcMap

The data used to create this raster is from the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center. The data represents Hail Tracts in the USA from 1955 to 2017. The data can be obtained here: The total amount of Hail Tracts recorded in this data is 346,253. It can be observed that the highest amount of tracts is present in the Louisiana area and the lowest amount of tracts is present in the western region of the USA.

Creating a 3D Analyst

This map is a three dimensional representation of Drew University’s Campus buildings and the footpaths that connect each building to one another.

Buffer Analysis

This map utilizes data from the New Jersey Open Geographic Data and buffers produced by ArcGIS Pro in order to show where the hospitals are that fall within a 5 mile radius of reported Clinging Jellyfish Sightings.

Story Map

This map shows the area that was flooded from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the amount of infrastructure that falls within the flood zone. This data was taken from ArcGIS online sources.

Query and Selection

The interactive map above shows the riots and protests in India in 2019. The size of the circles is based on the number of casualties. The pop up window displays the fatalities, the actors, the source, the notes on each event.

The map above was made using ACLED data in order to visualize all of the riots and protests that have accorded so far in 2019. Using Query and Selection, the red hexagons indicate all of the riots and protests that resulted in exactly 1 death.